Welcome to our blog where we mostly talk about auto insurance. We are passionate about this subject and try to offer money savings tips. You can use the same tips for other insurance or financial services products. We try to find you easily usable solutions and advises. When you want low quotes you need to think short and long term. There are things you can do now and get savings. You should grab them first before worrying about discounts that require planning and takes time to pull in.

We started this blog as our first attempt in blogging and since then manage to get published on other sites. This is a good way of developing your writing skills and it is a highly recommended method. If you want to write in this blog you can contact us with your ideas and even send your article to us and we will have a look at it. We love to help new bloggers on their way to online stardom. We started like that and learned from our mistakes. Sometimes, a refusal can help you more than acceptance because it hits you like a ton of brick. You either have to stay down until the end of your life or stand up, dust off and work on improving your skills.

Blogging can be as tough or easy as you make. If it is a hobby of yours you may have plenty time in your hand and it may not be stressful when visitor numbers are not going up. It is your blog and you may be happy that your mum reads it. However, if you quit your job and decided to be a blogger from now onward you have to work a lot methodologically to make it work. You have to study other bloggers and think about what sort of a blog you will have. What are you going to write about and who would your target audience will be.

Then you have to think how you are going to make money out of it. In subjects like auto insurance there are a few quote providers you can sign up and start displaying quotes on your website. This is one way of making money. The other one is to have adsense on your sidebar, header and even within the  content. There are similar ad providers to adsense as well you can try. They may work better for you if you have a large website and plenty visitors.

Generally, bloggers make better money by promoting products than using adsense or other advertising options. If you can find one product that pays you well and easy to sell you may have a winner. As well as writing your regular posts you may want to write posts around the products you are promoting and you may do reviews of it. If you want to make money you have to sell them. There is no two ways about it and the early you realize it is the better. You can progress to different things and may start to collaborate with others like us.

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